Other engines II. Hüttlin Spherical Engine.

Hüttlin Spherical Engine, one of the amazing spherical engines concept that go out the way of conventional engines. This "other engine" not only it´s special for his spherical construction, it also can be used with an a electrical engine making it hibrid.

Technical features of the Hüttlin-Kugelmotor®:

•Its spherical form.
•The 2 combustion chambers (work chambers) arranged on the system axis.
•The 2 bent piston pairs with a circular cross section which move towards and away from each other in pairs.
•The axially acting sealing system for fresh gas intake and exhaust discharge on the head elements of the piston rotor.
•The drive or output shaft arranged parallel to the system axis engages with the rotating internal engine via a ring gear.

The characteristics of the Hüttlin-Kugelmotor® are comparable to a four-cylinder Otto or Diesel engine because a power stroke occurs at every 180° of system rotation. 

The following economical and ecological requirements are met:

1.Considerably lower fuel consumption in high power density
2.Considerably lower manufacturing costs
3.Adherence to currently applicable exhaust gas standards
4.Lower space requirements, lower weight
5.Essential simplification of the system

The Hüttlin-Kugelmotor® may be arranged in multiple designs: V-shaped, star-shaped or parallel acting on a common drive / output shaft.

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