Yamaha trx 850 KEIHIN fcr carburetor setting and installation

Yamaha trx 850 KEIHIN fcr carburetor setting and installation on Chassis Dynamometer.  I picked it from this blog (in Japanese too, (I don´t speak or understand absolutely nothing about Japanese) but I found a lot of other interesting videos.

The system consist of twin rotor chassis dynamometer equiped with retarder that provide on demand. Load demonstration, emission monitoring system monitoring Hydoro Carbon (HC), Carbon MonoOxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as well as Air Fuel Ratio (A/F), and monitoring and data recording system.The retarder with load control system demonstrate various hypothetical road conditions, and emision. The  A/F monitoring system analyze condition of combusion in your engine.Transition records are available on monitoring system which can compare with previous records (You can check current set up data comparing with pevious one).

Now this video shows demonstration test for set up work for Keihin FCR carburetor under Acceleration-Constant condition. Monitoring system tell you the set up of carburetor is optimal or not.

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