DeChaves garage ,DeChaves motion and the D1200R

DeChaves garage  and DeChaves motion are the web page and blog of Pablo DeChaves, industrial engineer and designer of the D1200R. Great web with a huge info about this BMW R1200R based bike, A lot of screenshots of the design process, finite elements calculations, pictures.....
D1200r naked front end.

Perimetral brake disk, ABS wheel sensor from the left view.

But not only the D1200R it´s covered on his web page, other motorcycle concept designs like the Corsario is a naked bike with a Yamaha Diversion XJ engine or the E06 electric scooter for urban purpose, all designs are fully ilustrated and technicals details and specs are explained. I like this pages with a lot of infos and always I come back to read updates.

Corsario DV-600 concept.

You can also visit the blog DeChaves motion, the web blog where you can follow the new Pablo´s project   a electric motorcycle (Only in Spanish, DeChaves garage in both languages Englis/Spanish versions). Highly recommendable anyway.

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Marina Del Rey Toyota | March 10, 2011 at 12:57 PM

the looks is not like other traditional yamaha bikes.. its different. i would like to have a R-1 more than this bike. one thing i like most about the bike is the exhaust.. and the wheels too... pretty sexy..huh!!..

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