Rear suspension linkage (almost) complete on Solidworks.

Since past week I was being cleaning and sketching the parts of the rear susupension that I didn´t modelled yet on solidworks. I have done on 3D  the Yamaha YZF 750 r swing arm and the aluminium subframe, and now with the linkage modelled I can complete the rear suspension subassembly on Solidworks.


...linkage arm, rods, bolts sketched...
...and modelled on Solidworks....

Although later I want replace the rear shock, I drawn it  anyway  to complete the assembly on SW. All dimension I used are taken on Pos.   Nº 5 and the shock non compressed.

Rear shock scketch.

Rear shock finished on SW.

....the dirty and real one...

Now I want mount the rear part with the swing arm to the frame, later when I have made the new triple clamps them I´ll mount the  R6r front forks. I NEED start to mount again my TRX and start to see something. I´m too yunkie....

Rear shock absorber mounting bolts nuts 40 Nm.
Suspension linkage bolt nuts 48 Nm.

Soon I want to publish the two dimensions drawings with the main dimensions and the 3d model.

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grogg | September 11, 2017 at 10:02 AM

Did you use the stock TRX850 linkage and damper (length) with the YZF750 rear swing arm?

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