The BOTT XR 1 it´s the last project bike that Bottpower (The Spanish racing team creators of the BOTT Morlaco or the BOTT M210 Moto2)  is working now.  

"The BOTT XR-1 is a bike based on a Buell, who acts as a donor of wheels, suspensions, brakes, engine and swingarm. The intention is to create a motorbike with flattrack aesthetics, based on the Harley XR 750 racers. To build this bike we had to design a central spine chassis. We will give more details about this chassis in following posts."

A Buell based motorcycle that hooked me at first look. I like a lot the flattrack bikes and I like also the Harley Davidson Sportster XR 1200 but this first concept of Bottpower it just , in my opinion, what I think the HD XR 1200 needs,  LESS WEIGHT.

 The perimetral front disk from Buell and a really pretty and clean design do the rest.  I will be visiting the Bottpower page  compulsively  eager of news about the XR 1 project

Click HERE to read the full post on Bottpower page.

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