Congratulations Ben!. Ben Murphy electric superbike design winner on ESP.

 Congratulations Ben!! The updated frame design of Ben Murphy to a  electric superbike won the first stage  of "The Electric superbike Project" design contest. I am delighted that Ben received this well deserved recognition. I published here on the blog other Ben 3d designs,  go-kart designer and  motorcycle enthusiast, and I've always liked the work of  Ben. 

Ben wins also the personal satisfaction of the well done job recognition, and know that this bike will become real , Ben wins  a  HP Z200 Workstation courtesy of competition sponsor Hewlett Packard Australia, and the opportunity to work with some of the leading figures in the automotive design industry to refine his frame design before manufacture.

Ben must to re-design the first concept after the judges had shortlisted Ben design along with 2 other competitor’s designs as winners of the ESP chassis design stage of the competition to replace the girder front end with a conventional set of off the shelf telescopic forks and take a different approach on  chassis design that would not restrict or limit the width of the battery boxes.  Ben decided for a carbon fibre battery boxes to be used as stressed members in the design and they have been designed to be somewhat flexible in their design to allow for modifications to suit the battery technology available when manufacturing commences.

I will continue to follow the design competition and the evolution of Ben´s design eager to see the built bike.

If you want know more about this electric superbike design I recommend read this post on Ben Murphy blog Bergerhaus-designs, the Electric Superbike Project Webpage or read more about this first stage winner presentation on Intercad’s Victorian office in Glen Waverley (Australia) where ben received a Certificate as Winner of the first stage of the ESP competition by Julian Spencer, Intercad’s National Product Manager.

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Intercad Melbourne | June 18, 2012 at 5:06 AM

Just Google "Free tutorials for CAD Software" and see what comes up.. . Other than that go to Uni and learn it properly and get an Engineering Degree.

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