My favourite bikes. BMW R1 Prototyp Desmo Boxer.

Another one of my mental list of my favorite bikes. The BMW R1 prototipe Desmo Boxer engine, built between the years 1989-1982 by Georg Emmersberger (Desmodromics), Heinz Hege and Ralf Lewien.

Aluminum frame, telelever front suspension with WP shock, Paralever cardan transmision, Boxer engine 4-stroke two-cil. , liquid cooled. 135-140 hp@11000 r.p.m Four valves per ciylinder  DOHC desmodromic drivetrain,  98 x 66 mm (Bore-stroke),  996 cm3, Bosch EFI , electronic ignition, 6 gear gear box,  Dry weight 165 kg.

 ...the Frankesteinized Desmo Boxer engine of the BMW R1....

...the beauty of mechanics...

...cylinder head, cylinder, cams, pushrods, valves...

Only 4 prototypes were made only, one of them is ridable.
More photos and magazine reviews on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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