New Yamaha TRX concepts.

 Good looking TRX concept that I don´t remember where I found. A mix of a TRX frame / fuel tank with a Facer fairing, R1 tail and  single sided swing arm.

Since Visor Down published the posibility of the return of the Yamaha TRX a lot of blog and motorcycle webpages are covering this news, I hope that Yamaha heard the voices on the web that ask for new TRX on the roads, and I publish here a compilation of new TRX concepts that I've been storing on my hard drive.

 This full fairing concept I found on Krax-Moto web page.

  TRX 1200 concept by Bar Design, a concept with the New XTZ 1200 engine and the Tenere´s shaft drive .

Another TRX 1200 concept with XTZ Superteneré engine, this time with chain transmision and frame/swing arm from a Yamaha R1 2005 by Voromv.

 Pretty new TRX concept, a re-styling with inverted forks, radial calipers,  new swing arm and belly panel to hide the catalyser by Karl Lee.

This is another concept that I didn´t remeber where I found it. With Yamaha MT 03 front end,  catalyser under the belly panel and confortable seat for two riders . This kind of concept could be the response of Yamaha to bikes like Aprilia Shiver or Suzuki Gladius. Cheap, simple in fact a mix of parts that Yamaha mounts now   in others  of his current models.

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Futrix Enterprises | February 26, 2012 at 9:35 PM

What you should do is start and put some of these concept bikes together and put them back on the market at a mark-up. Look for some cosmetic accident damaged bikes and get the concepts out there and guage a reaction to people buying them or pre-ordering them.

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