Twig Café Racer. The Yamaha TRX 850 conversion kit.

Seems that lately the news about the Yamaha TRX are running around the web, few weeks ago Visor Down published  the posibility of a new TRX 1200 and now the guys from Twig Café Racer TT are on the wave with their Cafe Racer kit for Yamaha TRX 850.

I already published in July one post about this  kit and now with the release of new videos of finished Trixies Cafe Racers some blogs like Rocket Café, or motorpasionmoto are covering this beautiful kit to create a Cafe Racer with a Yamaha TRX 850.

Check it out the Twig Cafe Racer TT conversion kit webpage to know more about prices, fitting instructions, pictures and more info. Do not forget visit  "your bikes" page to see some Trixies "converted". The existence of these kits today, shows that despite being a bike that was discontinued in 1999 although there are plenty of enthusiasts who are riding on it and new projects continue to emerge based on it. WE WANT A NEW YAMAHA TRX!!!.

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