Futuristic vintage #1. Yamaha Morphos I & II.

Futuristic vintage, the ´89 Yamaha Morphos  I and ´91 Morphos II, concepts where Yamaha experimented the Omega frame to the great Yamaha GTS 1000 .

Both concepts  applied features  common used today on motorcycle and automotive industry like card key with user data, under exhaust  on belly panel, multifunctional screen, or electronic adjustable windscreen and rider position.  

Futuristic stand on Tokio show 1989.

 The Morpho I was a really cool bike.

 Side view  seems like if you mix a Yamaha GTS 1000 with a Suzuki Katana.

Scale model.

1991 Yamaha Morpho II  (I prefer the Morpho).

The fuel tank cover and tail reminds me the SZR 600.

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