Project update. Intensive sketching and Solidworks sesions.

I have some free days and I´m working hard sketching and modelling on Solidworks the rear fender , not finished yet, and all electric and ignition parts to mount them on a Solidworks Sub-assy.

The modelling it´s still on going and and I must to finish the rear end of the fender, now I have modelled the big part before I welded (I must to cut it and make shorter to mount the fiberglass race tail).

 ...on process...

CDI unit.





Coolant reservoir, no sketches, I did it taken dimensions on going and modelling it from the assembly (not 100% real).

 Licence plate holder and licence plate.

Now I´m working on relays...

...and assembling on Solidworks.

I have too much goals to do and finish the swing arm and rear suspension assy on Solidworks and upload some parts to 3dvia.

......and I must to finish the design of my new yokes,  to be machined and begin the mount of the R6 forks, calipers, clips-ons and brake lines.

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SolidWorks | August 16, 2011 at 8:28 PM

keep it up the effort and I can see you put in a lot of thoughts in it.

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