Project update. Welding rear fender and fitting the tail.


Finally I welded the rear fender and fitted the tail to mi Trixie. I cut some centimeters of the rear part of the frame to mount the race tail,  I must to cut also the rear mud guard (where is holded the battery, ecu, relays...) and mount the stock tail light ,turn signals and licence plate holder.  But before that I must to fix this....

I dismounted  again the aluminium subframe and the swing arm that I recently mounted to check some things and after  clean the two pieces of the fender I mounted the bigger part on the frame and drill the holes (I did them by hand with ratchet screw  tap holder) to screw it to the brackets I welded on the rear pipes of the frame.

Putting  the piece back  to think how to do to unite again.

I cut some material  and I drill the corner on the bend line. Next step was heating the plastic with hot air and bend  to  continue the shape to the rear  piece. I also fillet the edges preparing it to weld and make easiest the union melting  the cut edges and adding melt  plastic with the hot air gun. 

First weld.
Once done  I was ready to start . I hold the two pieces screwing it on the new brackets , clamps and keeping  aligned with  screws  on three holes that previously I did   before. Because when I put the new brackets they don´t was perfectly aligned and the mudguard mounts  little bit tensioned,  I warm the plastic surrounding the brackets to make it  more ductile and when it  was cooled again  fully adopted.

I used two different kind of plastics ,   from tool set holder and plastic box. I did  before some test  with other plastics to find wich was better to melt and weld with it, and finally these was the best I try. Because I don´t have   any  knowledge about plastics (types, temperatures, etc...) I do it the best way I can but this can be done much better ...I don´t showing how to do only I tell how I do, feel free to comment with advice or telling how you did (repairing of fairings, fenders, etc...)

To reinforce I bought  aluminium grid, like as  used on air intakes on car bumpers or fairings, to warm it with the air pistol and embed it on the piece and strengthen the union.

When I cut the rear fender to make it  shorter , each piece ends with different width and I must to create the transition of both pieces  with aluminium grid and add melt plastic  creating a plastic thin but tough.

Before embed it on the parts ,  I  fold on right angle the edges (through red line on picture above) of the grid portions to ensure the good embeded of this on both parts and avoid bad  surprises after...

Grid reinforcement embeded between the two pieces.

Here the modified fender finished,  has not been a very aesthetic finish but I'm happy with the final result, I never weld plastics before and I do not was sure if I´m able to to that and getting the mudguard rigid and durable without using any screw or rivet.

In the beginning I was thinking to screw or rivet it with pieces of alumium sheet but I prefer do it welded because I thought the final result it´s clean and lighter than screwed. Another of my goals was keep the box under passenger seat closed, maybe I will need use it to mount something as a piggy back ECU (not in my mind now I prefer to stick with carbs),new CDI or another electrical device.

Now with the rear fender finished and the real tail fitted and ready to paint and I´ll mount the electric loom on the frame, the licence plate holder and start to mount my Trixie. Now I can´t delay more the new triple clamps to mount the R6r inverted forks and finish cycle part of my bike. Engine must wait.....
Moreover this I have a lot of  pending work to do on Solidworks.....

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Ujiva Nelson | February 20, 2014 at 7:26 AM

Amazing work pals, I really enjoy reading your interesting blogs.

M P Jain Tubing Solutions LLP | February 25, 2017 at 11:36 AM

nice post on welded fittings can u write blog on shims

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