Project update. Wiring mounted.

Now I have all rear tail done, the wiring routed and mounted on the frame, battery (old), CDI, fuses and relays on their place, the seat pad screwed on the tail, licence plate riveted to the fender (that I just  to welded few time before) , rubber grommet and tank pads, tail light and signals.

...I thought I had better memory....
...seem seasy, but...

...before and after...


I can´t  delay more the yokes for the Yamaha R6 r forks, I want finish the cycle part before start seriously the engine rebuild.

Also I must to tought about how I want to paint the bike, moreover once the inverted forks is  mounted I want to short the fairing height around 30-50 mm because , when I replaced the  Yamaha clip-ons  for LSL under yoke ones, on close corners turning at low speed the handlebar was too close to the edge of the fairing sides and I ever seen the Trixies little bit "big heads".

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