TR1X project. EFI Trixie R1dressed.

Another Yamaha TRX project from Australia, an a TRX EFI conversion.

Yamaha TDM 900 throttle bodies (opened from 38 mm of standard TDM to 41.2 mm), Suzuki GSXR 1300 fuel pump with fuel level sensor output  , Ms2v3 megasquirt computer (More INFO here), 7" LCD touch screen, winxp, destinator and megatunix and  megasquirt2 V3 hardware, new ported cylinder head and new pistons/rods  are the parts selected to pass away carburators.
But not only the fuel system was modified on this Trixie, R1 inverted forks, YZF 750r swing arm, Yamaha R1 fairing/rear tail mounted on modified frame and steering damper complete the rest.  What a great job!, he also built a DIY flowbench, just amazing.

I usually visit this blog looking for updates but it is un-updated since April 2010, know more about this great project visiting

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