I have not posted news from the last weeks , working to late  at job, tired every day,  and with the arrives of  sunny weather I took the chance to make some little weekend  micro-holidays.  I didn´t  anything on  the TRX project and  I keep Solidworks frozen on my computer.

I have a lot of  things to post and reply some mails, comments on the blog , Facebook page and WE WANT A NEW YAMAHA TRX Facebook group.I want to reply to all this weekend (excuse the delay).

Also I´m "expropriating"  my father´s garage  and installing here my workbench, moving the TRX  (if  I  can call TRX to the frame/swing arm/fender)  and all the parts,mounting metal shelvings and a new work bench for my mini lathe.

Excuse the lack on posting. This weekend I must expend some hours here....... Best regards. 

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