B-art TR1. When R1 meets TRX.

From the screen of Bart van den Bogaard to a finished bike that seems   get out straight from a Yamaha dealer (dream of all that wants the release of a new yamaha TRX), this redesign based on a original TRX 850 with 2002 R1 rear tail and fairing from an a 2010 R1.

But the description that matchs perfect with the TR1 it´s that Bart himself  left on his Corofot gallery: 
"Private project of Updating the Yamaha TRX 850 twin form 1996 to the 21st century using OEM Yamaha parts. Project started in Photoshop September 2010. The Bike was build from October 2010 till May 2011."

Perfect fit. White and red, my favourite paint to the TRX.

The real TR1 finished.

Do not forget take a look on B-art web to see this TR1 and many other great design, concepts and bikes on motorcycle section of B-art ,where shows other projects for his custumers, one of them the design of Troll engineered Hyperpro TRX.  You can also visit his Corofot profile with a lot of interesting galleries.

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