Hyperpro Troll TRX . alternative Trixie.

Maybe one of the most famous Yamaha TRX 850 build off.  The Hyperpro Troll TRX850 was designed by Dutchmen Hans Rinner from suspension specialists Hyperpro, and Hans Oosterhoff from  Troll Engineering. They studied design together at college and later worked together at White Power before develop the Troll alternative front suspension set-up.

Basically the Hyperpro Troll TRX 850 it´s a stock TRX wich the front part of the frame was removed (usually the rear of the chassis is removed to mount another rear tail) , original fuel tank , stock swing arm / swing arm pivot bracket and mount  a 60 mm steel sub-frame to the engine (almost stock) that take the place of the front TRX  frame.

Yamaha GTS 1000.
Troll front suspension has the big difference between others alternative front suspension with single sided front arm,  like  RADD system that Yamaha used for the GTS 1000, ISR , Bimota Tesi 3D ,  Vyrus or  De Corteze´s elf Honda´s  it´s that the Troll subframe it´s a rigid part of the frame, not a active part of front suspension. Wheel travel is controlled by a single vertical shock on the right side, and slides up and down a parallelogram-shaped metal block on the left side .

Paint scheme with the corporative colours of Hyperpro, looks great but I´m sure that with a cleanest (without chess flag and sponsor stickers) scheme it could look better. I don´t know why (perhaps for the yellow frame)  this bike reminds me the TRX powered 869 BF PROTWIN.

Tech specs:

Carburation: Twin 41mm flat-slide Mikunis
Clutch: Dry multiplate
Front suspension: Troll system, Hyperpro/Öhlins damper, 90mm (3.5in) travel, adjustments for preload, compression and rebound damping
Rear suspension: One Hyperpro/
Öhlins damper, 130mm (5.1in) wheel travel, adjustments for preload, compression and rebound damping
Front brake: six-piston Alcon caliper, 340mm disc

Rear brake: single-action caliper, 245mm disc
Front wheel: Dymag 3.50 x 17in; cast magnesium
Rear wheel: Dymag 5.50 x 17in; cast magnesium
Front tire: 120/70 x 17in Pirelli Dragon Corsa radial
Rear tire: 180/55 x 17in Dragon Corsa radial
Rake/trail:  18 degrees/90mm (3.5in)
Wheelbase: 1415mm (55.7in)

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