New bike in da house! My MT-01.

Wellcome home!!
Yeah!! Two weeks ago I bought this 2008 Yamaha MT-01 with 3161 Km on the odometer  in absolutly mint condition. I was last months looking for a new bike but not to buy now. My car it´s  7 years  old with 180.000 Km (most of them driven like I stolen it) and I started to think about replace it. But I have a little problem, I like cars too (I love cars) and I do not want to buy another car that I must to  hypnotize my self to try to get satisfied. I don´t want any more a front wheel drive, under 150 Hp, soft suspensions, soft chassis, poor brakes,  seats like foldable beach chairs, candy roll bars....

Evil magnetism.

I love cars, I love drive, I love drive fast (sometimes) and I like a car that can be driven enjoyning his posibilities. FWD cars such Type-R Civic´s, Vw Sirocco/Golf , Mini Cooper or rear wheel drive like Beemers 1/3 series and Z3/Z4´s ,4WD like my dreamed Mitsubishi´s EVO´s or Subaru Impreza´s , are all out of my pocket  possibilities...

Once the posibility of replace my car was rejected. I understand that I must to buy a new bike (yes the biker half brain start his job of  self hiponsis). Was then when I start to do a mental list of features that I want in a bike, money that I can pay,   and models of motorcycle that complies with all of these requirements.

What I want in a bike? What a question!. I love motorcycles, and most types of them, from some cruisers to space battleships like Hayabusas or Kawas ZZR 1400. But my predilection are twin bikes, and I prefer naked/quarter/half fairing. The range of possible models that came into my head was long, varied and colorful. Another used Yamaha TRX 850 (bike that I love and I have a lot of spare parts), BMW F800s or 800r (in fact a German TRX), Aprilia Dorsoduro 750/1200, Guzzi V7 cafe classic (too much money for a 70´s bike with EFI), HD Sportster 883r/1200 (like the guzzi, too much money for a 70´s bike with EFI), Triumph Truxton or Bonnie, Ducati Monster 796/1100, used old Monster, Suzuki SV1000, Buell XB9/XB12/1190, Aprilia RSV 1000 (Rotax engine), KTM 990/RC8, good condition Yamaha single as SRX, SZR,  XT660x or  MT-03.

I rejected the single option because I ride in highways and I use the bike to go work (18 Km home, almost all on highway. Anyway I like singles but as second bike (third in my case). Other bike that I also like and I went to see and test was the Suzuki Intruder M1800R (M109 Boulevard in US), great bike, but too long to me ( I know it´s a cruiser) and the M1800R isn´t the bike to ride on B-roads with  close corners where I like to ride weekends.

I love it....

Along this time of looking on internet, viewing classifieds, brands webs, etc....the Yamaha MT-01 do not appear on my head. But one day, flashhh...A MT-01 how I do not remember before?!!  Always I liked this bike, and some years ago  I was seeing one of them parked on Valencia  (Spain, I live in L´ Eliana 10 min. from) and I got really impressed with how it looks ,  this big twin engine on a sport frame,  reinforced swing arm, radial monoblock 4 piston brake calipers, adjustable suspensions, inverted forks,etc....Since this day my search was focused on the MT-01.

One of these days I find a 2008 MT-01 with 3161 Km with a really good prize, I believe that it was a typo, I thought it was 13161 Km. instead of 3161 Km. then  I call to know more and not was a typo, the bike had 3131 Km, one owner and the first maintenance revision on at 900 Km. Saica  Valencia (official Yamaha dealer where was bought), strigly stock,  safety stickers still on the fuel tank, front discs almoust news, tires perfect....the bike seems new and finally I bough it!!.

Since I have the MT-01 I don´t touch my car again (I´m like a children with new toy) and I used it to go work, and each time I need buy tabacco I do 50Km.... Now I'm trying to get used to riding this bike and I did little rides alone to make kilometers and test brakings, take corners and ride again as when I had my TRX alive (I´m too much time without ride). This bike causes addiction to ride it, only the idle speed sound worth it. But the thing that it´s absolutly awesome it´s the massive torque, the engine response it´s just incredible. Now  I´m enjoying a lot with the MT-01 and I´ll publish ride impressions soon, now I want to do more kilometers and take again my ride rythm (I´m not a great rider).  Also I´ll publish soon  other posts with specs, technical features, related links.....inevitably this blog will be "infected" with posts about my MT-01. 

Now I can follow the TRX project without this internal burning tht causes the need of ride a bike.

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