Racing Trixies. Westcountry Windings TRX 850.
What a great Trixie that  Westcountry Windings post on the wall of  TheTRXproject on Facebook,  this Yamaha TRX 850 it´s racing on Thunderbike races on UK ridden by Michael Simmons on  Westcountry Windings Team. I paste here the words that WW leave with this photos on the blog wall.

Hi, I bought it off e bay as a standard 1998 bike with a full Akrapovic 2 into 1 system and Coerce rearsets. I have since fitted a complete 2003 R1 front end, YZF750 swingarm & rear wheel, custom subframe with 2009 Fireblade seat unit, WCM replica fairing with lightweight bracket, Koso race dash, keyless race loom, Venhill quick action throttle, Nitron race shock, lightweight battery (900g), Kehin FCR41,s, extra crankcase breather from the generator cover, one off cams by Joy Engineering and lower gearing (15-45 from 17-39) makes the bike 174kg ready to race with 94bhp at the rear wheel which isnt too far off the limit of our power to weight ratio for Thunderbikes (Rules clicking here)

.....I´m so envious, light weight, powerfull, improved suspensions/brakes and really beautiful....
As this is an on going project i still have more to do to get closer to the 748 & 749 Ducatis that are most prevalent in this class. I really enjoy riding this bike and being the only Yamaha on the grid this year prompted Performance Bike magazine to do a 3 page feature on it in the June issue. I will be racing in the final round of the championship at Snetterton on the 3rd & 4th of September if anyone wants to pop in and say hello.

...uuummmm....I want one Akrapovic like this to my TRX.... 
Michael with his TRX in action at Silverstone last june.

You can visit the Westcountry Windings page to know more about his services  or join the WW Facebook page and keep updated.

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