Free days!! Time to update.

Hi again, I´ve some free days and I want to take the chance to update the blog (my umpteenth attempt. I know, I´m probably the worst motorcycle blogger on earth), try to do some pending task on my Yamaha TRX 850 and finish some  too much things that I started and I must to finish it.

Goodbye Marco! R.I.P
But last weeks we had horrible news on motorsports , the gods of speed stolen us Marco Simoncelli and DanWheldon on two race accidents that we never will forget. 

But on the case of Marco "SuperSIC" Simoncelli I must to add to the sadness of see how he pass away the anger after see the shame actuation of Sepang medical team/track assistants on firsts, and most critical, seconds after crash.

Goodbye Dan R.I.P. Maybe your loss help to make Cart safer and change some rules.

My MT-01, with the Yamaha FZ1 and Honda Varadero of a good
friends that I must ride whith them oftener.

I don´t published anything on the blog last weeks and I was un-logged of Facebook  but I done some things along this time,  I´m still "hooked" by my Yamaha MT-01 (that I use also to go to job) and I done  little sunday rides with friends. Three weeks ago I see my first Ducati Diavel in person when I was fuelling my MT,  see it live changed my opinion about it (not so good before) and I was talking about the Diavel with the happy owner. Great bike!! (I hope that one of those Italian "Machobike" get a touch of magic from Radical Ducati).

My father concept of "right light".
One of these pending tasks that I done was install new lights on garage and some plugs on workbench  wall.

With the new "inspirational" light I re-take another classic pending task on my TRX project, finish a final design of the triple clamps to mount R6 forks, calipers and front wheel, buy the stock Aluminium and machining  them.

 Yamaha R6r front train assembly.

I mount the  Yamaha R6r front train assembly to check (listening CAMDEN PROJECT, a really good band of a friends. Feed your ears with them HERE on myspace or HERE on soundcloud and join them on Camden Project on Facebook) my sketches and 3d models to be sure all it´s allright and now I have almost finished the design of the triple clamps on 3d with Solidworks. Soon I´ll post about it.

If I don´t have  enough things to do and things to finish, of course the TRX, or little  things like my road bike that I´m "restoring". I started with my brother Pablo an a electric conversion of one of his bikes, a old Scott mountain bike/ hard tail free ride (I´m not so sure) installing a kit that he bought time ago, replacing another one that he mount but this one with the electic motor on front hub.

This little eBike project it´s now on going but I want (and my impatient bro) finish it along the rest of this week.

Soon I´ll post more info about.

Last weeks I´m also trying to adapt me to use Unigraphics (NX) Siemens PLM software, and his powerful CAM but my first impressions are not to much good. I´m a "integrist" of Solidworks and maybe I´m too confortable on it and I must to open my head (and perhaps my heart) to this German software. I need expend some hours  with it and get more experience.....

 .....NX Vs SW.....provisional result...NX 0-SW 1.....

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Anonymous | December 16, 2011 at 2:26 PM

what r you comparing? SW use ISV CAM bcuz it has no CAM. NX has one of the best in the wolrd CAM module. the only comparable CAM is Tebis or those from Catia. though Tebis has no CAD and catia has no interpolation

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