Brad Smith adventure Trixie.

Some days ago I have a email from Brad Smith with some pics and info about his Yamaha TRX 850 adventure project.

"Hi, I thought you might be interested in my TRX850 adventure bike. I've had lots of people say to me its the bike Yamaha should have built!
Its a stock TRX motor with custom 2 into 1 high level pipe and pod filters. The frame is the original TRX item but has been heavily braced and modified. It runs a DR650 Suzuki front end with a four piston Brembo caliper and a 300mm single front disc. Braking is very good for a single disc setup.
Rear wheel is from a KLR650 Kawasaki running a 45 tooth sprocket, and a twin piston Tokico caliper from the front of a KLR650. Front wheel is from a DR250 Suzuki. Headlight and cowl is from a KLR650.
Tank and seat is from an XJ6 Yamaha.
I bought it as a bit of a beast, but could see the potential and had a vision of what it could end up being. I'm very happy with the end result.
I've attached some photos, but I've lots more so if you like any more info or photos to include on your website, please don't hesitate to contact me."
Brad Smith

First step on the Brad project. To be truth I think this "brute" look could looks really great (with new paint job and side panels). Maybe, always in my opinion and likes,  an a XTZ Superteneré, Cagiva Elephant or Africa twin fairing/wind screen also could  looks fine on this configuration.

Brad´s Trixie along the adventure mutation.

Good job Brad, I´m sure that your adventure TRX will give you tons of fun and I´m glad you share your project with me and my blog. All photos, updates , videos and additional info are always wellcome. Thanks and enjoy your Trixie!!.

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