eBike I. Electrifiying the old Scott.

As I told on This post I´m helping my brother to install a eBike kit on his old Scott Voltaga YZ4. Before he had mounted another kit  with  front hub 250W/24V  electric  motor, controler box and battery.

This kit (quite similar shonwn on left image) comes complete with a "universal" mounting bracket and all parts necessary to mount it on any bicycle. The brushless DC motor features an integrated planetary gearbox to multiplie  the motor torque.

Included parts:
 -500W Motor w/ Controller, Gearbox & 14T Freewheel Sprocket.
-Motor Mounting Bracket w/ Spacers & Bolts.
-44 /44/32 Tooth Freewheeling Chainwheel.

-Chain tensioner.
-Bottom Bracket Spindle.
-Left & Right Crank Arms.
-Twist Grip Throttle.
-Brake Handles w/ Motor Cutoff Switch.
-Battery Connecting Harness.

Although the kit comes with a aluminum extrude L profile  76x30x6mm and two V profile pieces with bolts to mount the motor  to the bike frame like on left image and the battery bracket hold on the seat post . But this lay out do not like too much and we want mount the motor and the two batteries, my brother had 2 batteries ( one  24 volts  and other of 36V, now is waiting for another 36 volts) inside the main triangle of the frame for stetic (mainly) and mass distribution.

The supplied battery mount assembly, made to be mounted on the seat post,  allows the key main switch and two plastic covers. 

I must to cut and adapt both to mount them on to the frame.The upper battery just above the motor and lower battery screwed on bottle cage holes on down tube  using the original V pieces to mount the modified battery bracket displaced 9mm to the pipe tube getting  the space necessary to put the battery almost touching the motor. 

Crankset must be replaced, the new cranks have more offset from chainigs and the bottom bracket axle it´s longer than standard to win the space necessary for the motor (I forget took photos). 
Left crank it´s mounted on a flywheel with twin 44 tooths chainings (one of them to be driven by the electric motor).

We replaced the original chain tensioner jockey wheel for one Tacx with bearings, smoother than original with spacers.
I´ll made new tensioner arm to improve the alignment adjust with the motor chain and I want to attach a little chain cover.

"Handcrafted CAD/CAM".

I´m not so satisfied with the "frankeintened" bracket to mount the motor and upper battery, made with some remnants that I pick up at work, but  can be considerate like a beta version...hahahahah. Chain tensioner arm it´s also provisional. 

Once the "FrankenScott" was mounded on wooden banks, we can´t resisted to make a first test to see it running. Doesn´t run smoothly because the chain was old and my bro tight too much the chain tool  joining the two ends.....

......but runs.

Some days after my brother mounted  the wheels ,the front brake  and hold the wiring to the frame with plastic straps and we test it riding it, I was really surprised with the performance and riding feeling, so funny.

I´m also modelling these parts on Solidworks and I uploaded some of them on Grabcad (downloadable), when we finish it I´ll upload the complete assembly. I will publish updates soon......

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