Other engines VII. Devaere Engineering engines.

We are living nowdays the death of internal combustion engines (in fact two strokes are almost totally killed on race bikes as well on road bikes) , my head knows it but my heart don´t  want  see...

But we can found a lot of interesting engine concepts around the world development new concepts I.C engines.
These "other engines" enginered by Frank Devaere ,Devaere Engineering from Belgium that I discovery recently through Grabcad. 
Frank´s  radial bi-rotary balanced piston combustion engine,  Toroidal Opposed Piston Engine and designs inspired on aircraft engines like  radial engines, rotary engines or Wankel rotary-piston engines try to perform all them with better power-weight ratio, balance and emissions. 

TROPE : Toroidal Opposed Piston Engine
 "A CAD study of a very compact two-stroke toroidal combustion engine having the advantages of a pure air uni-flow scavenging opposed piston engine ( minimum heat-loss for maximum fuel economy) with a very interesting power to weight ratio.
The pistons are fixed to the central rotating swinging beams and are moving free in the cylinder liners. No friction or wear due to pistonslap or sidethrust , only compression piston rings. All other mechanical components are simple to lubricate rotating and pivoting joints and are fully in vibration free balance."

SCOPE - HCCI engine.
 Two stroke opposed piston combustion engine with Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI).

If you want know more about Frank Devaere from Devaere Engineering and his engines concepts take a look on following links where you can found a lot of info and detailed explanation about how them works and the advantadges against other rotary engines:

-Radial bi-rotary balanced piston combustion engine webpage.
-Devaere Engineering web.
-Devaere Engineering Facebook page.
-RBR engine Facebook page.
-Frank Devaere YouTube Channel.
-Frank Devaere Grabcad profile.

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