Doctors were right...

 ..I can´t ride.

Last sunday was a sunny day and I´m one month with out ride the MT-01...... Saturday morning I took a Vespa on a short ride and it  makes me believe that I can ride again.

But each time I must clutch my tendon hurts me a little and some gears shifts after the pain increase until I understand that definitively I can´t ride. I made some kilometers on highway on fifth gear to feed my hungry of ride again and came back home. My finger is fine and I´m doing rehabilitation exercices and ultrasounds therapy but isn´t good enough to the clutch of my MT-01. I must wait at least around two said  me it, but I wanted to test by my self.

Perfect day to ride with not so perfect left hand.

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Jorge Lopes da Silva | March 1, 2012 at 6:49 AM

Can't you smooth the lever or something? Is there any other cluthing system ?

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