Someone has anticipated....paint scheme.

"Look what I found today by chance. I was told that the decoration would be completely different, but came across your blog and it took the design to do it on vinyl"

Someone has anticipated.... Jorge  from MONDODIFFICILE (and owner of  THIS white Yamaha TRX 850) posted on TheTRXproject Facebook page this great pic of another TRX painted with a colour scheme inspired on my design.

I´m glad someone liked this paint scheme and get inspired by it. I did some images with gimp, to see how looks it on the bike and now I have a real one to see it. This is the paint job , with little differences, that I want for my Trixie. But I must to do a lot of things to do on my TRX project before ....


I hope know more about this Trixie soon...thanks Jorge for sharing!!.

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Jorge Lopes da Silva | March 10, 2012 at 10:23 AM

The bike is very nice, but I think the owner had no pretensions about it. If your project is fully applied, you can get one of the most spectacular bikes at the moment. And my TRX would be a good canvas on which to develop :D

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