TRX engine stand.

Last week I finished one thing I should have done long ago, a engine stand tomy Yamaha TRX 850, for now do not want to start working with it until the cycle is not finished. My next goal is mount the R6 forks on my Yamaha TRX frame.

I did the engine stand with metal shelf profiles , each one are 2 meters long and I used almost five of them.  When  I begin  to build it I bought only three  profiles,  but  I must bought   another two  because them had only 1 mm of thickness.  I must to screw these profilles together on the main frame to made it stronger ,  and use a lot of reinforcement squares and others makes with the same profile.

I started mounting a main frame where mount the sections that will be used  to hold the  engine by the front brackets.
I didn´t took measures or draw any sketch before start the engine stand, I started  it making the main frame 50 mm wider than front engine brackets and long enough to mount a solid structure to take the engine by the swing arm bracket holes.

Once the  front part was  reinforced and ready,  on the rear I didn´t  do the brackets for the engine.  I did them with the engine fixed to the stand only for the front by M8 threaded rod. 
To put the engine horizontally I used two wood edges on wooden trestles to leave the engine on a car stand.

Then I reinforced the rear structure.....
...and made the aluminium brackets with aluminium. 

Yep, little bit later I know, but now I have the engine ready to work with it. For the moment only I want to clean it and I´m still in doubt about sketch it and model it in  3D with Solidworks detailed or only the  engine shapes with main dimensions. First option requires a huge hard work and time,a lot of time, and I prefer expend my time on go forward on my TRX project.

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