David´s Vespa.

I always liked Vespa´s, and now I'm helping out to rebuild an a Vespa PK 75 XL , recently owned by my  work buddy David. This Vespa was of a  David´s friend who keep it on running but have a lot of little things to fix (and some not so little...).
Brakes works good, lights and turn signals also but the wrong thing was the clutch....it slips when engine rev up along all gears  and many often gear skip. It runs but   it´s a shame ride by hits of  throttle and clutch slipping...

Driving the vespa on road, to take some speed and use the whole range of revs we must to play with the throttle......because that,  David wanted to try to check if we can check the clutch cable tension to resolve the clutch slip and take a look to the gear selector cables that maybe were guilty of the gear skip.

Once we started working with the Vespa, saw some things that we did not liked.....loose screws, others directly  missing, oil leaks on the low part of crankcase, cables housings broken  and tons  of  a mix of shit and grease.

A lot of fins from the flywheel fan were broken and replaced by hand modelled   new ones made with epoxy resin.

Engine out of  the Vespa body with new surprises to us.

Cilinder and head out. Buuuffff....

...look that piston ring...

The big surprise we found, was under the clutch cover, the circlip of the clutch plate was welded , someone must have thought "why not?" on the past and now it´s our problem.

No way man!!.

To disassemble the clutch,  we must to cut with the Dremel the welding points and the clutch plate didn´t survive....

...anyway the clutch disks must been replaced.

Viewing all these things to do, we decide to make a "big stop" like planes and make a rebuild of the whole Vespa and take the chance to improve some parts and David wants make some changes on the look of this old Vespa, she has around 20 years old.....

Front end out, the front tire wear is offset and we suspect that something it´s slightly bent or misaligned.

Vespa body totally naked of parts  ready to take a shower.

Getting some preassured water on the gas station car wash.

Now the body it´s ready to be prepared to new paint, and David it´s compiling new parts to start the rebuild, he wants enjoy the Vespa this summer and we have a lot of work ahead....I will publish the entire process as we go doing things.

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