My mini lathe. His time has come.

I have a mini-lathe since some years ago but never I used it a lot  becasue always I had lathes at work to do all little things I needed. Other reason because I had it abandoned was do not have a good place to use it, now I´ve the garage of my parents home and it´s time to put ready the mini lathe and start to work with it seriously.  

This mini-lathe it´s a "Hercules MDB 3500" but ,like many others like mine, is made in China. All of these mini lathes are a  good base to get a high accurate mini lathe with some improvements.

I started to disassemble the lathe to rebuild, replace some parts and use the occasion to sketch it and take all measurements to model it with Solidworks. Probably I´ll  need  these drawings to design new parts, mods  and  attachments.

Before  disassemble the lathe I made the modifications needed on a old connection box from a machine (emergency stop buttom) to replace the original made of plastic.

Now I have much work ahead and I will combine it with other things I'm doing on my Yamaha TRX.

I disassemble the mini lathe in sub-assemblies, also I cleaned ,removed the rust and oiled it.  it´s time to sketch and model it 3d with Solidworks...

From now on I will publish my progress on my project, interesting links, technical information, mods and  3d parts.

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