David´s Vespa. August update.

David´s Vespa project it´s still on running and now it´s ready to paint job after some hours of work.

On last David´s Vespa update (click  HERE) I published when we cut the front panel and we were working filling the spaces of the turn signals welding (MIG) sheet metal parts and filling the holes of the foot rails and pads.

Grinding and cleaning the welds.

But after having cut the front panel  and welded ,we want to make again the edge shape of the front panel to give more strenght and better looking. Because we don´t have a bead roller machine, we must to build a tool to beading the sheet edge.

Maybe do not looks nice, but it works!!

Using this tool, after some trial and error test, finally we made a big handle to hold it tight, putting  some grease on the edge and while one of us keeps  the "tool" the other hit it with the nylon hammer. Can appear a rough form to do that , but after pass the tool several times  putting closer the shape wheels that I made on the lathe, at the end we re-shaped the panel edge. 

Right side re-shaped outside view before finishing touches.

Right side re-shaped rider view.
Once we´ve both sides re-shaped, we must to make the final finish of the edge with hammer and patience...bodybuilder putty must do the rest.

Also before left the Vespa body ready to send to being painted. We modify the rear tail of the vespa cutting, bending and welding it. 

It´s only a small piece of metal less but change a lot the look of the Vespa. At first look maybe do not catch your caption, but makes think to your self  "it´s different, looks great, but I don´t know why". Or at least this is my opinion.

We begin to apply putty and sand the body, but we think it´s better that the painter ends the paint remove, apply the coat, putty ,paint the body and rest of parts that must be painted (sandblasted by our friend Alfredo, another Vespa enthusiast) we do not want to leave a bad surface finish ruining the paint job, and therefore the final result. Best left do it  a professional ...

Next August  26th. will be painted, but David is still thinking about what colour. Many options are open, olive green, black,white, blood red,  orange KTM, Kawasaki green (my favourite), blue....I´m sure that David do not decide it until last moment...anyway I belive it will look great!!.

Soon new updates....more pictures on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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