Mounting the forks I. Fabrication

After too much time, finally I decided to work again on the my TRX project again and last week I finished the drawings and  machining the parts I need to mount the Yamaha R6 R forks / R1 yokes on my Trixie. Because the R1 steering stem has the diameter that mount on the lower yoke 0.35mm higher than the TRX  I must to build a new one to have a perfect fit with the lower yoke.  I used  UNE F125 / DIN 42CrMoS4  high grade  steel  Ø32  rod to machine it.

Center drilling.

Deep drilling with the tailstock.

The new axle on the CNC lathe between the chuck jaws and the tailstock center, with the axle drawing  (soon I´ll publish definitive 2d drawings). After that  I made the program (ISO code, Siemens 810 GA0), take new offsets and  mount new inserts. I waited this moment so long...

....lathe at work...

Once I finished the turning stage I made the threads (M25x1 and M22x1) on the CNC lathe,  I cut the extra lenght that I used to clamp on the chuck jaws with the saw and after I machined the end of the axle and the groove for the ring clip on the conventional lathe.

The finished steering axle with the ring clip mounted on the freezer waiting to be mounted on the press...

Turning spacer and bushings for the upper yoke.

...and the forks bushings (Ø52/Ø54 ) that makes me work little bit more...

...boring the internal Ø52 on a predrilled bar...

I must to do an "attachment" (I don ´t  know how call it in English) to keep the bushing concentricity and free of  vibrations,  becuse it have 1 mm thickness I can´t use the jaws internally afraid to ovalizace  it.

Fork bushing finished mounted on the attachment and machined both at same time.

After some hours of work the final result, the new axle fitted with the press on the R1 yoke and the bushings and spacer finished ready to mount.....

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Philippe Lozano | August 6, 2012 at 6:30 PM

I will start my first Trx project.
I have an R1 gold forks model 99', but the radial break solution of the R6 recent model is beautiful and stronger than classic yamaha break "blue" or "gold".

What model of R6 do you use ?
Could you publish the measures of the new axle ?



TheTRXproject | August 11, 2012 at 9:07 PM

Hi Philippe, I readed your comment here monday. Sorry for the delay. I also recieved your Facebook message. Early soon I will publish the verified drawings. Mine are from R6r 2010. If I could help you, I´m here for everything.

Best regards from Spain and thanks for your visit.

Anonymous | January 30, 2018 at 11:02 AM

Hi frm South Africa and fantastic site.

I hope you can assist me with a change to my TRX were I have to change the front end suspension to a 1999/2000 inverted forks from a R1, due to someone taking me out on the road and damaged the original forks of my beloved Trixie.

Now when changing the TRX forks, yokes etc to R1 I understand the stem of the R1 is different to the TRX stem, what do I need to look out for, machine, the problem that the TRX will now sit lower with the R1 fork setup ?.

Can I use and maybe amend the Trx stem to fit the R1 lower yoke, as I assume that the yokes from the TRX wont fit the R1 forks.

I would like to assess this before the investment of the complete R1 front end fork setup.

Thank you if you can assist can you email me the reply to:


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