Mounting the forks II. Done!!

Once I´ve machined the new axle and bushings, published on THIS Post, I cut the fork bushings and painted the non threaded parts of the axle to prevent rust. after too long to delay the mounting of the forks, finally reached far.

Parts ready to be assembled.

Under yoke/steering axle mounted.

Last hour mods. Nobody is perfect!! I must to modify the spacer to save some milimeters the M25x1 thread of the axle. I must to update the  draft drawings and I´ll publish them here on the blog soon.

Top yoke and forks mounted provisionally until I replace the modified spacer.

My trixie begins to look like a motorcycle again.....

With the forks mounted not only I´ve the front suspension mounted , now I can do a lot of things on my project that without the forks I can´t  do before.

Nexts steps are buy new clip ons,  and then modify the fairing bracket that I want mount it few centimeters lower, mount the R6 r radial calipers (same I´ve on my Yamaha MT-01) , buy a new front mudguard and brake lines. Also I´ll replace the high windscreen shown on the pics  by the standard one. 

I planned finish the cycle part (the end is closer) to start to work with the engine that is waiting on the engine stand  I build some months ago. Now with the forks mounted I´m very motivated and I want to work hard on my TRX.

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