Pending tasks.

Moreover the huge list of  things to do on my TRX 850,  I have some pending tasks . I must model a Vespa engine crankcase with Solidworks to my friend Alfredo who is starting an a interesting Vespa project. I should have drawn it  months  ago and I can´t delay it more. Sorry Alfredo!

Because I was cleaning my garage I found this toys of my childhood, these toys are  special to me. The cars and bikes powered by compressed air engines, lovely!. Now I want restore and run them again . Soon I´ll post about it.

Other  thing that I want to do it´s cut the MT-01 tail that I bought in eBay and replace it on my MT, about the handle bar change I´m still thinking different options and I want to look other risers and handlebars to mount on it.

Always I´m the same trouble, I want to do a lot of things but I have few free time or when I have time I´m so tired....

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