MJ-Works supermono fairing designs.

Since some months ago I´m following an a supermono bike project powered with a KTM LC4 engine designed and build by Maarten Janssens. One of things that I like on this Supermono project it´s the rear suspension and I like to see all the process of design (with Solidworks) and construction. Last week Maarten uploaded a sketch of how he wants to paint the fairing of the bike, also uploaded a "clean"  sketch to offer the posibility to his Facebook followers to participate on the colours scheme design and I did  some designs.

...working with Gimp on the fairing designs...

I sent my designs to Marteen and he uploaded them to the MJ-Works FB page. I´m glad he likes them and I´m happy if they could be useful to him.

...some of the designs I made..

But if my designs look fine it´s because the great work that Maarten is doing on his KTM powered Supermono it,´s very inspirational.

Solidworks screenshot.

Almost complete bike, cool even naked.

Rear suspension 3D detail.

If  you want know more about Maarten Janssens´s  Supermono project you can stay tuned on MJ-Works Racing page on Facebook, updated info and a lot of photos of the building process. Support Maarten clicking the like button!!.

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