New bike in da house!! Pablo´s NSR 125.

New bike in da house!! Last week my brother Pablo bought this Honda NSR 125 F (JC 20), I missed  a  smoky two  stroke bike at garage (my last 2 stroke bike was an a NSR but 74 cc). We went to see the bike and next day my brother call to confirm the buy.

The bike it´s on running with the ITV (government technical inspection) passed  and a really good condition. With 42.800 Km on the odometer, original paint and decals, almost stock except the exhaust and front turn signals. I drive it  around 25 kms. to bring it to home and I felt like a teenager again (I´m 32 y.o.), the NSR runs quite good, brakes works properly and rev up quite fine (but I guess the exhaust valve must be dirty). Only  the lights do not iluminate so good.

My bro Pablo had done a good buy with this bike, he was looking to buy a small bike, funny to ride and a 125cc 2 stroke bike was the better option.

Pablo was looking for Aprilias SR 125, Cagivas Mito, Freccias, etc... but when we found the classified of this NSR and  we meet with the owner to see and test  it,  then we knew that this was the "selected"...although this NSR is not mine, have in the garage one of my  teenager dream  in the garage is always good news.

Now with the bike at home we wanted to check better the real status of the bike trying to find if it has any "surprise" to us.

The bike do not have too much  surprises, a lot of dust under the fairing panels, greasy wires near the oil reservoir, scratched paint on top yoke,  some loose screws, a little wreack on left fairing panel and one bracket broken and little scratch here and there but better than we expected for a bike with 22 years old.

...fully naked...

AlCast frame.

Rims and brake discs in really good condition.

Essential manual. Downloaded from the NSR UK forum

Now we are dismantling the little Honda to make a general checking, clean all parts, replace fuel hoses, replace the gearbox oil, coolant and head lamp bulb and clean/mount the complete .Polini exhaust.

Once we mount the NSR again I´ll check the oil pump, recarburate  and the RC valve servo adjust. Next stage must wait some kilometers, and the time necessary to save some money for new clutch plates, piston and rings and clean the RC valve. Now my bro (and I) wants to ride it and kill the two stroke abstinence sindrome....

Soon I will post new updates now you can see the full album on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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