Yamaha TZR 80 spotted in L´Eliana.

 Today I saw this Yamaha TZR 80 parked in L´eliana and I couldn´t resist taking some photos.

This little two stroke Yamaha was one of my teenager dreams and I still think that´s a really nice bike, this unit it´s totally stock but talking with the owner he told me that he bought it with a TCP fairing that he replace by the original head lamp brackets to back it to the standard naked look, good choice because the TCP fairing was (in my opinion) so ugly...

This was the first TZR sold in Spain with the Deltabox frame , in fact, developed by the great Spanish engineer, designer and builder of world championship winning bikes   Antonio Cobas (1952-2004) from JJ Cobas.

Original brochure of the TZR with the Yamaha stock fairing (Looks like a lil sister of a RD/RZ 350 LC).

And a brochure of the naked TZR like the unit I photographed today.
I love see old two stroke buzzers running nowdays...

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