3D Gilles clip ons done!

After I had finished the sketches of the new Gilles Tooling clip ons I modeled them with Solidworks and made the sub-assemblies. On the following screenshots it´s easy to see  the single screw system to hold the fork clamp and secure the bar to them.

The single screw system makes the mounting easier and saves some weight.

 Sketch finished.

Fork clamp details.

Mounting view.

Like all 3d parts that I modelled before for my Yamaha TRX 850 project,  I uploaded the pair of clip ons assemblies to my profiles in 3dVia and Grabcad. If you´re thinking to use them on your bike these models can be useful to you.

Here I left the links to download the 3d models
Gilles Tooling GP-Lights 50mm on 3dvia: LEFT / RIGHT.
 Gilles Tooling GP-Lights 50mm on Grabcad: LEFT / RIGHT.

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