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Since some time ago, I´ve thinking about to print some T-Shirts with blog designs to me and maybe some friends, I do some new designs with TheTRXproject logos and I ordered print five of them to test the quality of the shirt and the vinyl print.

Moreover those designs with my blog logos I want to do some others with designs of the Yamaha TRX logo and the TRX bike images because I don´t found Trixie themed T-shirts on ebay or other webshops, only a pair of them that not  like me.  I think that could be good idea create a series of T-Shirts with nice TRX designs, and maybe (why not?) try to sell it via ebay or on line shop with reasonable prices. It also can be a form to finance new parts to my TRX project and fill the lack of Trixie shirts on market. But for the moment it´s only a idea. 

Champion look alike logo.

Hot Wheels look alike logo.

 Arai look alike logo.

Skate decks designs.

Toolbox design.
I uploaded all T-Shirts designs on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page and I will add more forward  , please click the "like"  botton on those designs you like, this can help me on future designs, comments and suggestions are always wellcome.

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