Free time!! Time to ride, work and update.

Hi all again, now I have some free time ahead, I take my last two weeks of holidays at job and I will try to use this free time to do a lot of things that usually or I don´t have time to do that or  I´m so tired. Yesterday I ride with a couple of old friends, both with FZ1´s , and I want to come back to ride regularity all weekends again. Since last two months I only use my MT-01 only to go work and I miss a lot rideit on winding roads.

Last month we had heavy rains here in Valencia, well in all east Spain with huge material damages and 10 people death, and my garage was flooded, fortunately I do not have power tools broken or damages  but I must cleaned  some of my tools and clean all the mud inside my garage.

 ...deep clean needed...
As I said I want to do alot of things  along this free time, I will try to wake up early every day and work hard to do all things planned. One of my big problems it´s that I want to do a lot of things but not always I have or money , or time to do all. Now I will have, I´ve the same...almost anything!!.

My top priority will be continuing to work on my Yamaha TRX 850, now with the R6r forks fitted I want to continue working the front end. This week I´ve ordered a pair of Gilles Tooling GP Light clip ons that will arrive  soon. Once I have them mounted,  I will modify the fairing bracket and adjust the fairing. I hope soon send the fairing ,rear tail and rims to paint.

...soon they will be on my hands...

Other of my priorities it´s sketch and model on Solidworks the Vespa crank case of my friend Alfredo that I must to be done months ago... I must to finish it  mandatorily,  this week I will do it or Alfredo will kill me.

I also want to cut and mount on my MT-01 the licence plate holder that I bought on ebay.
If  I have time enough , I want to dedicate some hours on my mini lathe, I ´ve a lot of ideas to do on it but first I want to sketch it and draw it on Solidworks.

If  I do not have enough things to do, maybe I will expend some time on the Honda NSR 125 of my brother Pablo, it needs new clutch plates and a exhaust valve check.

Moreover all of these pending tasks,  I want to update the blog, publish some posts  that I´ve almost ready of several things and reply mails of readers (If you send me a mail that I do not reply please excuse me, this next week I will revise all and send/publish replies).

Because that along the next two weeks my blog will have a un-usual activity, I know that I´m not a great blogger, that TheTRXproject doesn´t is a great blog and I´m not a great designer or mechanic (and my English it´s more than improvable) but my intention with this blog isn´t try to be the best, I only want to show what I done, try to improve my skills and it´s a form of keep my self  working on my TRX project. When I think that some people are following the blog , this push me to keep work on it. 
If you are a usual reader of this blog, or if this it´s your  first visit, THANKS, MANY THANKS, now I have more than 600 followers on TheTRXproject Facebook page and I hope all of them enjoy their visits to my blog
Now I will start to work on the blog and tomorrow I will start to do things on my garage. I have a lot of work ahead....
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