New clip ons.

The new clip ons for my Trixie arrived, now I´ll sketch and model it on 3D with  Solidworks before mount them. There are a pair of Gilles Tooling GP-light in aluminium 2017-T4, lights ang good finished. Two pieces with only one bolt, same bolt holds the bar and secures the clamp fork, fixed inclination of 6º and only 246 grams.I cant wait to see it mounted!!

Here the three clip ons that I "collected" along the time , the Yamaha stock clip ons , the LSL I bought to replace them to mount under the triple clamps (you can download 3D model I uploaded to Grabcad or HERE in 3dVia) and the Gilles Tooling that I just bought.

Handlebar, fork clamp and long allen key supplied.

As soon I´ve them modelled in Solidworks I´ll upload it to my Grabcad and 3dVia profiles.
More pictures on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page. 

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