The TRX that could be but never was?

The TRX that could be but never was? This Yamaha 750 parallel twin sketch, drawn  in 1988 by Glynn Kerr, this concept was a Supertenere powered proposal of a road twin bike. Years after , in 1996 Yamaha launched  the TRX 850.

Glynn Kerr also did this great looking TDM concept more close to the TDM 900 (Mk2) production design, in fact Glynn Kerr was the designer of the Yamaha TDM and worked on Global Design (now GK Design Europe) and was chief designer there.
Along this time other great Yamaha´s as GTS1000, BWs scooter, XT600E and Supertenere, in addition to redesigns of the TDR125 and TDM. Although Glynn officially left Global Design at the end of 1991, he has worked on occasional projects since then, such as the Bulldog, FJR1300 and TDM900.

I found these concepts on the Glynn´s profile on Coroflot where he shows other great concepts for other Motorcycle makers and publications. Do not forget visit his Coroflot profile or his webpage to  see all Glynn´s works. Very recomendable.

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