David´s Vespa update. Painted and begin mounting.

 David´s Vespa comes back painted, finally white, and we can work on it again.

 Like my TRX project, times run and our projects not progressing as fast as we would like.

With the new white paint the little Vespa seems almost a new.
Parts painted waiting for being mounted.

New steering bearings.

But one of our firsts works to do on the "reborn" of the Vespa was  put cable terminals on main harness, we cut it to preserve it mounted on the chassis. But before cut it we marked it carefully with painter tape to make easier the mounting stage.

Electric loom fitted.
Taping the bezel speedometer to repaint it with sprayed black matt, same with the fork.

Vespa head assembly, fork and front mudguard.

Brake light and turn signals mounted (maybe they will be replaced by clear ones).

Front view with fork, new bearings and mudguard mounted, we keep for the moment with the front mud guard with the original shape.

Now we have again some thing with Vespa form and a lot of work ahead. Next stage we must to mount new cable guides, clutch and rear brake, finish electrical connections and mount the head on steering axle.New shock absorber must wait for a while....

After that we want mount front wheel, brake and odometer cable. Original seat will be replaced but David is still thinking what aftermarket seat buy to mount. Once all of these things  be done we must to start the engine rebuild...a lot of work ahead but we are on the way!!
Soon new updates....more pictures on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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website templates | January 10, 2013 at 8:50 AM

The clear updation provided about the remodeling of David´s Vespa was quite concerning and information oriented.

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