Tank bag for the MT.

Today I bought a tank bag to my MT-01, I was thinking long time ago about buy a small magnetic tank bag because I use the MT almost daily and I wanted a tank bag to carry the bike documents, phone (I must to carry it on my pocket and when It vibrate on my pocket  I must stop to see if it´s a call that deserve stop to take it or if it´s a sms, Facebook notificatión, whatsup, mail, etc...), the helmet bag, keys, tabaco (I´m always saying my self "this it´s the last one"),etc...with out the obligation of wear a back bag.

I was in doubt between the Givi T481 and the IXS X-Magnet Bag SPEED, almost the same bag but finally I choosed  the Givi because it´s a little bit bigger (1 litre more) , has removable magnets and I think it has better quality and finishings (but not  too much, as I said both are clones (I guess one brand copied  the other).

I cut a piece of packaging foam with the shape of the phone pocket   to keep the phone holded  on the transparent visor, now I can  see the incoming/lost calls or consult  the GPS easyly and carry on the keys, phone, coins, papers, etc...  without wearing my pockets overloaded  or wearing the back bag.

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