David´s Vespa Update. Pedals and cables.

David´s Vespa rebuild project is running and we do some advances on it last weeks.

One of these thing was "recycle" an old set of OMP car pedals that I had the idea of use it on the Vespa mounting them on the rear brake pedal and kickstart lever.

Drilling and tapping the kickstart lever....

.....and mounted.

Same with the rear brake pedal. I love how it looks.

Once we finished with the kickstart and brake pedals we did a little kickstand mini-pedal.

After some saw and file work....

Parts ready to being mounted.
New set of cables and one of things I hate....mount them.

 Pass the cables through the frame finally was easier I guessed...

....but we must to build some missing parts like cable top ends or cable pullers.

We are gradually going forward with David´s Vespa and step by step  is taking shape...
Soon new updates....more pictures on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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