David´s Vespa update. Almost finished & new ignition.

After mount the modified flywheel with the Polini fan and put (provisonaly and still unpainted) a new fiberglass sport seat from SIP on David´s Vespa, him was riding it some days to test how it runs.

New sports seat from SIP. Coool!!.

Now the little Vespa it´s almost finished and rideable.

After test the bike few days we had some bad news, the problems with the gear box persists (the new clutch works fine but replace it  not was enough) and running up of 70 Km/h it becomes unrideable and unsteady......we must to dismount the Vespa,one more time..

Dismounting again the drive shaft to replace the gear selector.

The problem with gearbox, the gears skips when rev up a few, was caused by the gear selector, it had a excesive wear and causes the gear skips. not is a very expensive part, but have a lot of work to replace. At least we will learn and get more practice about the Vespa engine...

New (left)  and old (right)  gear selector.

Once we had the engine closed again we replaced the silentblocks to prevent the misalignment of the rear wheel that causes the unestability of the Vespa at "high speeds" of 80 Km/h.... The best form to dismount  them was drilling several holes on the rubber.


To mount the new silentblocks we keep the on to the frezer all night before (I don´t think them contract to much) and mount, rubbers and bushings helped by a F-clamp lubricating with dish soap.

Another thing we did, was install a new Ø20 cone Polini ignition EVO (Ref: 171.0543 Ignition Vespa 125 ET3 IDM), lighter and reliable than the stock that we modified to mount the fan from one of these kits. Finally (as I guessed) David decided to buy the whole kit. This flywheel weights 1.2 Kilos (around 700 Gr less than  stock) and had this mass much more centered to crankshaft. Polini  assures better starts, power output and acceleration.

I must to sketch and machine a new tool to extract it, because the Polini had the extract thread smaller than the stock flywheel,  the Polini flywheel have holes to allow the adjust of the ignition advance without dismount it, but I prefer extract it to do that. With this simple tool it´s done in seconds.

Stator on his new home.

Now, with the new ignition, we must to find the rigth adjust of the ignition advance (making a mark on the stator plate, testing it on road and ...trial /error)  and do the same with the carburetor setting even find the better settings.
There remains much work to do (Paint the new seat and upgrade the fixation) but the bike is almost finished and David is  already enjoying it daily. Now most work remaining are purely cosmetic and begin to look for better performances.

I want to thank the help gave us with the ignition  my good friend and former work buddy Juan Carlos Felipe (who owns a Honda CBR 900 Fireblade and a lovely Cagiva Freccia 125) , with out him we can´t made the wiring connections right (or not so fast) . Polini instructios are made for Vespa 125 Primavera ET3 and the PK 75 Xl have the instalation different, with out his help David and me we will turn mad trying  it.
Soon new updates....more pictures on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page. 

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