David´s Vespa update. Engine, wheels and exhaust.

New bits for David´s Vespa, the little PK 75 XL recieved few gifts. A pair of Continental ContiTwist 3.00 x 10 tyres, new Barikit piston and rings and Polini exhaust.

But before mount the new tyres rims must be sandblasted (thanks Alfredo)  and painted in "orange red".

Rims painted ready to mount new tyres.

.....with the new tyres mounted.

Engine mounting time!! Have the pics on the computer close the work area always help us to remember...

New gaskets, new clutch and new piston for the "piccolo" engine.

New clutch mounted.

To mount the new Barikit piston we boring the cylinder to Ø68.00 (2nd oversize step) on the Roller Grinding Machine.

Holding the piston rings on the grooves and aligned with locating pins.

Engine, rear wheel and exhaust almost ready!!

And finally mounted on the Vespa.

With the wheels and engine mounted it begins to look something close a Vespa.

Because David and me we are a pair of impatients, we can´t resist mount the flywheel, carburetor, throttle and gearshift cables and made the first (and extremly short) ride inside our work facilities...

...without seat, without brakes and without brain...
Soon new updates....more pictures on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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