David´s Vespa update. Throttle conversion.

Other modification that David and me we done on his Vespa it´s replace the stock throttle bar by a new one to mount an a standard throttle. With a standard throttle is able mount any grips and have another cable tensioner (moreover the carburetor one). But replace this had some work....

Using the stock throttle bar dimensions I sketched the new one but it must be with Ø1/8"(Ø22.2mm) on the throttle end, drill it to pass the front brake cable and machine two "windows" to pass the cable to the head.

Drilling on the late.

Once the Al 7075 was drilled internally it was ready for the CNC lathe....

....and get the final shape.

Testing throttle fit.

...and milling cable windows...


Because right bar it´s shorter than left, we cut about 10mm on the throttle and grip to compensate this.

To fix the new bar on the Vespa head we do threaded drill to secure the bar with a socket set screw.
 After some hours of work...there´s the result!! The new throttle ready!!

 We also did a pair of threaded cable ends for the new brake cables using M6 DIN 912 screw stems, cutting the allen heads and drilling to the cable diameter.

 After we do a tool to press it and secure the cable on to the threaded end....

 ....but it must be done with the Vespa hanged by the bridge crane to put it close to the press. We don´t want  retire and pass again the brake cables....

 Soon new updates....more pictures on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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