Jon Coote´s TRX Fighter.

Jon Coote , from Portsmouth (England), shared his ´97 Yamaha TRX 850 Fighter with Ducati 916 running gear on TTP FB. This it´s the second rebuild of his Trixie and was finished last summer, Jon it´s  now joining the results of  of hard (and good) work.

 Ducati 916 wheels and TRX frame (modified to mount the ducati linkage and new tail) painted and ready to mount. Nice colour.
Engine, aluminium subframe and Ducati 916 single sided swing arm fitted ...
....and all together mounted with the inverted forks from the Duc too. I love see photos of the process...
 Taking shape....

 ....and finished at best place for a bike, riding with friends.

 Jon´s Trixie Fighter looks great!! And I love how looks the exhaust muffler under the engine. Thanks Jon for share it at TTP on Facebook and keep the good work!!

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