My Honda NSR 125 JC20.

As I told before, finally I bought my brother´s Honda NSR 125 (JC20 1990 model), he had some clutch problems and finally the cable broke . Because he had the NSR abondoned on the garage and he didn´t wants expend his money and time on it, finally I bought him. Being truly I also miss long time ago had a two stroke bike and I took the chance for buying it to my bro.
Before start to make a overall check of the bike and see what the hell hapens with the cluch I build a pair of bushings to mount the LSL clip ons that I had mounted on the TRX on the Ø41 stock forks.

LSL clip ons are little bit wider and had 8º, I want try them. Top yoke needs a paint coat also.

I started to dismount the NSR to check it better, clean all parts and get out the engine for , at least, check and clean the exhaust valve. I´m afraid that must have carbon of the last twenty years....

.....but before I want to check the cooling system.....

....and this it´s what I found, a totally destroyed by rust radiator cap. I must to replace it.

I also inspected the thermostat and fortunately it works right (some money saved), opens little bit later than the specified at the Honda service manual but works!!

Probably the most boring and absurdity video of all internet.

About the clutch, it had the cable too tensioned and my brother had problems on gears shifts (specially with first gear) and after tension it little bit more and ride few kilometers, the clutch cable dies, I guessed that clutch disks had too much wear and I bought new cluth disks, disks plates,  new cable and gasket.

I also find a used but on good  condition Arrow exhaust that I can´t  resisted to buy.......soon it will screaming on my NSR....

.....service manual always made things easier....

After I removed  the  coolant, oil, radiator, oil pump cover,etc.. to open the right crancase cover and I dismount it to see what happens with the clutch and take measures for made the tools to dismount it to replace the disks  I discovered that the clutch nut was almost totally loosen and I dismounted it by hand!!!.

Then I understood the needs of  have the cable tensioned like a guitar cord and the gear shift problems...

Now after see that the clutch disks are in good condition probably I´ll save  the new ones as spare parts, I think last owner replaced them and don´t tight with the correct torque the center nut. And him did it bitten the nut with a screwdriver....Why people do this things? Make a tool do not costs so much and do not cause damages the parts.
I sketched  the clutch nut to make me one nut wrench and measure the clutch screws distance to do an a center holder.

Soon new updates....more pictures on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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paco trx | March 21, 2013 at 8:51 AM

esa nsr mola un monton, cuando la termines tenemos q salir con las peques, yo con la vtr disfruto mucho y con esa seguro q te lo pasaras pipa tambien. lo dicho!

mikaljains | March 30, 2013 at 8:03 PM

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