My NSR 125. Engine out and stand done!.

After dismount the clutch from the engine and disconnect fuel and coolant pipes I get off the engine to have it ready on the workbench  for dismount and clean the RC valve.

I did it helped with a car stand and because it´s a little engine I could  load with it alone.

Carb and engine out!!.

Now the NSR becomes a bicycle. But it not will stay without engine for long time. Only I want do an a overall check and mount again. I want to ride the NSR as soon as possible, riding again a two stroke bike I´ll feel like a teenager again.

Stock carburetor Dellorto PHPB 28, before mount back  I´ll clean it.

RC valve pulley with the cover removed ready for being dismounted.

To dismount the exhaust valve pulley (left hand nut) I used a Ø6 drift punch to hold it remove the nut.

Bad news. The cables of the valve have some filament broken and I must to buy new ones.

Because I´ll work on the engine I did a engine stand with shelf profiles, like I used on the TRX engine stand, to have it steady and work easier on.

 Engine stand on process....

...and finished. 

Now I´ve the engine ready to work with it, I´ll post soon new updates of my NSR 125 here at the blog and I´m publishing all pics on THIS gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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