Sunday ride, another TRX found.

Today I'm meeting my friend Juan to ride. I posted a pair of post on the blog before (one of them an a update of my TRX, the fairing repair) and I went to the meeting point with my friend Juan and his FZ1 , we planned made a short trip to Alcublas (an a mountain town with a nice curvy road to go) and when we arrived to the bar I can´t believe  what I found parked at the door...

...yep, an a red/black Yamaha TRX 850 in mint condition with Laser exhaust, R1 monoblock calipers and FZR 400 head lamp. Since I´ve my Trixie this it´s the first time I see live another TRX on the road, here in Spain it´s a very rare bike and isn´t easy meet other riders with it.

....yeah baby!! the TRX it´s just perfect! much I miss my TRX!!...

Also I found other extremely rare (and beauty) bike in Spain, a superb Honda GB 500 clubman....

...and this awesome  Ducati 848 ,but my atention this morning was focused  inevitably on the TRX.

Inside the bar I asked for the owner of the TRX and I meet Paco and Toni (owner of the GB 500)  we have lunch together and talked about our Trixies, telling us the history of our bikes, etc...after the coffes we decided to go riding together to Bejis, plan was come back early to home but I don´t wanted to loose the oportunity of ride with a TRX and ear again the sound of the paralell twin that I love so much.

Three great bikes in a row, Toni´s Honda GB 500, my MT-01 and Paco´s TRX 850 (Juan´s Fazer was refueling in another pump).

Always I like ride sundays but today worth twice, find  another TRX has been a good surprise...

...and I´m happy to meet Paco and Toni, two great guys with two great bikes. I´m sure that we will ride together soon...sundays are made to ride.

Find more pictures on TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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